Pet sitting – Frisco Texas

We are a small family-run pet care service. We come to your home to care for your dogs, cats, and other small pets. We began our service all the way back in 2006 and focus on pet lovers who live inside Frisco, Texas. Zip codes 75033, 75034, and 75035 are included in our service area.

We are insured by Pet Sitter Associates.

What we do

We do all the wonderful things you do for your pets, just in chunks of time.

  • love!
  • feeding
  • fresh water
  • walks
  • litter box maintenance
  • playtime
  • love!

Dog sitting, cat sitting, and small pet sitting

We care for all sorts of pets. With the exception of snakes, we’ve probably cared for them all at some point.


dog sitting in frisco texas

  • small dogs
  • big dogs
  • friendly dogs
  • scared dogs
  • stand-offish dogs
  • young puppies
  • seniors


cat sitting frisco texas

  • skinny cats
  • fat cats
  • friendly cats
  • mean cats
  • scaredy cats
  • healthy cats
  • not-so-healthy cats

Other kinds of pets

  • ferrets
  • rabbits
  • guinea pigs
  • small birds like parakeets
  • medium sized birds like sun conures

How long are we with your pets?

Each visit last about half-an-hour. Your pets will catch on quickly that a nice lady (Michelle) or guy (Rick) will give them everything need. Then they can relax until our next visit, or until you arrive home.

We have a routine that we follow with each family. It’s a little different for each household. Your pets will learn the routine quickly. This routine gives them reassurance and confidence that everything is a-okay.

What extras are included?

We make your home look lived-in by rotating the lights, bringing in your mail and packages, and watering your potted plants. Many of our clients love the convenience of having us care for their home and pets while they travel. It’s makes traveling that much easier.

We can’t do anything about flight delays, but if it does happen – just let us know and we will keep caring for your pets until you arrive home safely.

Ready to get on our calendar, or would you like more information?

Just give us a call @ 972-849-9046 or fill out the form on this page. Michelle will get right back with you!